Flight Operations Halted, Houthis’ Drone Attack Jeddah Airport

 Sana’a Forces stated two fresh drone attacks have been launched on Saudi Arabia’s airports in retaliation for the Riyadh ongoing assault against the war-torn country.

Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, said that Sana’a air force had hit Saudi Arabia’s Abha and Jeddah airports with two UAVs on Monday.

He added the military operation brought operations at the airports to a halt for two hours.

Sarie warned that retaliatory attacks will continue as long as Riyadh presses ahead with its deadly aggression and all-out siege.

This is the Houthis’ fifth drone strike on Abha Airport in Southern Saudi Arabia in a week.

Earlier, a member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council had stated Sana’a forces and their allied fighters from Popular Committees (Houthis’ fighters) will continue to carry out drone and missile attacks deep inside Saudi Arabia and its regional allies.

“Once the Saudi-led coalition takes a decisive action to stop its bombardment campaign against Yemen, attacks against members of the alliance will cease in return,” Al-Mayadeen television quoted Mohammad Ali al-Houthi as saying on Saturday evening.

“We are ready to stop bombing the other side if the bombardment of Yemen discontinues. Up until now, Yemen’s bombardment has continued by means of US-, British- and European-made warplanes and clashes are still in progress,” he added.

“We reiterate that drone and missile attacks on aggressor countries will stop in case they cease their assaults; otherwise the aggressors will not be safe from Yemeni attacks as long as the bombing of Yemen continues,” he continued.

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The spokesman for Yemen’s Anssarullah movement has also stressed the need for an end to the Saudi war as well as the lifting of the crippling blockade on Yemen.

“We have repeatedly stated that our military operations are entirely defensive, and will continue until the onslaught comes to an end and the siege is lifted,” Mohammed Abdulsalam was quoted as saying by Al-Masirah television network.