Houthi’s message to America and Saudi Arabia

Sana’a sent a strong message to the United States and Saudi Arabia alike, stating that there is no solution in Yemen without stopping the war and lifting the blockade, and any attempt to pressure more, they will pay an unpredictable price, and so what is the content of the new message?

In conjunction with the arrival of the new US envoy to Yemen, Tim LenderKing, in Riyadh at the start of his tour to market the new US vision on Yemen to the Saudis, major violent explosions rocked the joint military bases of the two sides in the south of the Kingdom.

These explosions, according to spokesman of Sana’a forces, were just a message despite the great damage that Saudi Arabia admitted it, part of it the burning of aircraft and destroying control centers.

RAED: Sana’a air force targets Saudi Abha Airport

This is evident in the contradictions that began to become apparent on the new administration, which as soon as it announced the end of all military support for Saudi-led coalition, until “Pentagon” informed Saudis the continuing cooperation between the “allies”, until the new US envoy whose country’s forces still on the Saudi territory and it is fighting a proxy war against Yemen, started his tour to Riyadh as an attempt to find out what Saudi Arabia will offer in exchange for American support for another period.

Eventually, war declared during the reign of the Democrats, and the current president represented the most prominent pillars of the regime in that era in his capacity as vice president. What matters now is that the arrival of the American envoy to Saudi Arabia at this time indicates that America focus currently on Marib, the last stronghold of Saudi Arabia in northeast of Yemen, and the discussion may now focus on preventing Sana’a forces from controlling the city.

Given that US Secretary of State anticipated King’s visit by calling on “Houthis” to stop the attacks on Marib and Saudi Arabia, which indicates that Sana’a is trying through bombing Abha airport and officially adopt it, to reflect the strikes that Saudi Arabia announced over the past days of Biden’s call for a truce between the two parties, and to send several messages, first to Saudis before others, that US technology and its defense systems with its majesty will not be able to deter Sana’a from hitting its targets accurately, and it may also carry a message that Sana’a developed its defense capabilities in a way that prevents the interception of drones, even by US system that announced on it a few days ago and US trying to Sell it to Saudi Arabia in a secret deal, on one hand, and on the other hand, the coincidence of bombing Abha airport with the intensification of Saudi raids on the Yemeni provinces, specifically Marib and Al-Jawf, puts Saudi Arabia between two options that have no third, stopping the raids or facing an escalation that Sana’a had previously threatened through many officials, represented in responding on each raid by bombing a strategic target in the depths of Saudi Arabia.

The drones that bombed Abha were not the only messages, in exchange for it, activists, including leaders of Houthi movement, released hashtag criticizing US disregard for the blockade imposed on Yemen, and holding them the implications of this, which is a clear indication that coalition continues to prevent the entry of oil and food ships through Hodeidah port. It may carry determinants that precede any path of the US seeks to chart in Yemen and push it towards taking into account important files, the most prominent of which is lifting the siege and stopping the war.

The longer this equation continues, the response will continue, this is no longer the conviction of Sana’a leaderships, as indicated by the spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, in his last statement, rather, it has become a firm conviction among several international leaders, on top of which the European Union, which presented a new proposal that was well received by politicians in Sana’a, because it depends on the policy of stopping the war and pushing for an urgent political settlement. These steps may accelerate to end of the human suffering that has continued for six years, due to the unruly of Saudi Arabia and its alliance of which the United States is a part of it.