Saudi forces withdraw from Marib as Houthi advance continues

Saudi Arabia on Monday stopped  its participation in defending  the government compound in Marib city, the most important stronghold of the Islah and Hadi’s forces amid reports of the fall of the city.

According to well-informed sources, Saudi Arabia directed its officers in the operations room in Marib quickly to leave the city.

The sources pointed out that a convoy of three armored vehicles and accompanied by four military police vehicles in left Marib towards the port of Al-Wadea border port in Hadhramaut.

The sources expected that the Saudi officers would be transferred to the coalition camp in Sharurah on the Saudi border.

The Saudi withdrawal came after a major advance by the Houthis’ forces from several axes towards the government compound amid a major missile attacks on the coalition’s last base in Tadawin .

In the meantime, Sana’a forces and popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) made significant advances in Marib province after fierce battles with Saudi-sponsored forces, a military  source in Sana’a said  on Sunday.

According to the source, the Sana’a forces took control of the Dana Valley near the Marib Dam and continued to advance significantly from Sirwah front.

The source said that coalition warplanes carried out five raids on the same front, targeting several areas.

The Houthis’ forces were also able to penetrate near the city after opening two new fronts, he added.

The source also confirmed the killing of dozens of members of Hadi forces yesterday, including the leader Ali Al-Jawda, commander of Gereida front along with 10 of his members.

Moreover, Tribal sources said Sanaa’s forces reinforced their positions on the fronts of Al-Dheida and Al-Jadfar after they took control of large areas on the outskirts of Marib.