Includes four provinces.. Riyadh directed Hadi to declare Hadhramaut region

Diplomatic sources confirmed that Riyadh has directed the outgoing president, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, to issue a decision naming four Yemeni provinces that represent two-thirds of Yemen’s area as an independent territory.

Sources said that Hadi would issue a decision naming Hadhramaut territory, which includes Hadhramaut, Shabwah, Al- Mahrah and Socotra, which are the eastern regions of Yemen and represent two-thirds of Yemen’s geography.

Sources confirmed that Riyadh summons to the Islahi Governor of Shabwah, Muhammad bin Adio, to Riyadh before two weeks ago, in addition to bring back Abdullah bin Isa Afrar, the ousted head of the General Council of Al-Mahrah and Socotra, to Socotra Archipelago a few days ago, and then transferring him from Socotra to Al-Mahrah on last Friday, was in the frame of Saudi race to separate the so-called Hadhramaut region from Yemen.

Observers believe that Saudi urgent move to issue a decision naming Hadhramaut region despite the absence of a prior Yemeni consensus, or a popular referendum, as is internationally case, aimed at exploiting the last remaining days of war, to get out of a Saudi gain from this war, controlling eastern Yemen and annexing this region to the Saudi state in the future, where Riyadh will later try to buy the allegiances of opponents to break up the Yemeni geography in four provinces, and then pushing for a popular referendum, with pre-prepared results, to either completely independence the territory  from the Republic of Yemen or join Saudi Arabia. And this is the dream that Saudi Arabia has sought, to achieve for decades in the context of its expansion policy geographically.