Tension among the sheikhs of Marib and Islah security forces

The “special security force” affiliated with Islah Party in Marib province refused to remove the military points from the internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps in the city of Marib, sources told Yemen Press Agency on Wednesday.

“A tribal mediation from Sheikhs of Marib province demanded security forces to lift the military points from the IDP camps in the city, but the security commander Abu Mohammed Sha’alan refused the mediation request,” the sources said.

According to the sources, the tribal mediation led by a number of sheikhs, including Sheikh Abdulhadi bin Ma’eli, threatened with taking a firm stance if the militarization of the displaced camps continued.

The displaced in Marib camps are being harassed by the Islah security, after the kidnapping of eight women this week from ‘Al-Zira’a’ neighborhood and handing them over to Saudi-led coalition forces, the sources added.

Commander of the Saudi forces, Yusef Khairallah al-Shahrani, had refused to transfer the kidnapped women from the prisons of the coalition camps to the Islah-controlled security directorate in Marib.