Hadi government involved in corruption deals: UN

A United Nations report had revealed shameful facts about the practices of higher officials in the “Hadi’s government” and its head, Maeen Abdulmalik, Southern journalist Adel Al-Hassani said on Thursday.

“The report confirmed the involvement of the prime minister of the Saudi-backed government Maeen Abdulmalik in suspicious financial deals in partnership with others,” Al-Hasani added.

He noted that financial corruption is raging in all the conflicting forces, and that bigger matters would soon become clear, and the Saudi ambassador is also not far from all this.

The United Nations report revealed a large corruption and money laundering file caused by the Hadi’s government, as it robbed of $ 2 billion that Saudi Arabia deposited in the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden in 2018.

It was supposed that this amount would finance a credit limit to purchase commodities such as rice, sugar, milk and flour to enhance food security and to stabilize the prices of these commodities locally.

The UN investigation revealed that the Aden-based Central Bank of Yemen violated the rules of changing currencies and manipulated the currency market, laundered a large part of the Saudi deposit with a complex scheme for money laundering, earning profits amounting to about $ 423 million for traders.

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