UNICEF suspension of fuel destroy water and sewage system, Sana’a warns

The Ministry of Water and Environment in Sana’a government has denounced on Friday UNICEF’s decision to suspend support for fuel provided to the local water corporations and sewage treatment plants, starting from this month.
The Ministry warned in a statement, of the catastrophic humanitarian and environmental consequences of this decision, which would greatly and directly affect the operation of pumping stations and thus the drinking water supply in the provinces.
“The existing partnership relations between us and UNICEF are based on deepening humanitarian work and alleviating the suffering of citizens, and not on perpetuating and multiplying suffering,” the ministry added.
The statement explained that the repercussions of this measure are not limited to stopping water pumping, but will cause sewage treatment plants to stop working, which heralds an environmental and health disaster.
The Ministry called on international humanitarian organizations, most of all UNICEF, to reverse its decision, especially in light of the continued suffocating siege on Yemen.

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