Protests in Sana’a, Hodeidah, rejecting American designations

Angry protests were organized on Saturday by tribes of Sana’a province to condemn the US attempts to designate Anssarullah as a terrorist organization.
The participants in the protests stressed that the US decision will only increase the Yemeni people’s work more than with the revolutionary and political leadership in defense of the homeland and its security and stability.
At the rally, which were organized in the districts of Nehm, Bani Mater and al-Haim al-Kharjih, the protesters affirmed that America is the primary source of terrorism and chaos in the countries of the world.
Statements issued by the participants confirmed that the Yemeni people will not stand idly by in the face of the State department’s expired decision in the last hours of Trump’s term, as it does not represent any importance to the Yemeni people.
They called for an escalation of protests and positions against the U.S. decision domestically and internationally and work to strengthen steadfastness to face the repercussions of this decision in the light of the right legitimate response and continue to push the fronts and strengthen cohesion in all fronts that serve the Yemeni people.
The statements renewed the position of steadfastness and stability for the people of Sana’a province, condemning the continued shameful silence of human rights organizations, primarily the United Nations.
They called for participation in large mass rallies on Monday under the slogan “The American blockade and war against Yemen is terrorist crimes”.
They called on the Yemeni tribes to strengthen their alignment and readiness to confront the coalition’s plots targeting Yemen.
another protest was held by the districts of Hodeida province on Friday, condemned the US decision to designate Yemeni Anssarullah movement as a terrorist organization.
The Participants confirmed that the designation risks rendering UN-led efforts to reach a comprehensive solution to the Yemen conflict more difficult.
The statement stressed the current US administration is “the mother of terrorism in the world”, indicating its participation in the war and blockade against Yemen for the sixth year in a row.

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